Fire accidents in both residential and commercial areas can cause thousands and thousands of dollars in damage, not adding injuries and deaths they caused to people. Although fire accidents can be quite common and signs are already well-known, still people fall prey to fire accidents. Their potential to happen very swiftly but poses a lot of damage can be very stressful when experienced. This is why we will reiterate to you the leading causes of house fires to give you a chance to prevent further fire incidents that you do not want to happen. Moreover, take note that it is crucially important that you immediately contact electrician Canton for trusted and safe service.

  1. Heating – heaters in your home are a good cause of electrocution and fire accidents. Although they are harmful, you need to understand that each kind of heater has its own specific electric and spatial requirements that you need to have in order for you to efficiently use such an appliance. Spatial requirements refer to the amount of space the appliance needs away from the other appliances or flammable materials to avoid causing an explosion or fire. 

When a heating object is near a warming appliance, it might cause it to be so hot that it can cause a fire. Ensure that you have adequate spaces for heating equipment.  

  1. Cooking – do you know that 48% of the fire incident in residential spaces are caused by a fire in the kitchen, specifically a cooking fire? It also accounts for several deaths and injuries according to a 2019 report. 

Kitchen accidents are oftentimes caused by grease. This can be induced when you cook oil in high heat and it catches fire. The smoke and petty sparks can ignite into a full flame causing house fires.  

  1. Smoking – fires caused by cigars, cigarettes, and pipes account for just 5% of the total cases of house fires, according to a report. However, just because they can be rare, does not mean they do not happen or cause big fires. If you are a smoker, or if you have a family member that is a smoker, you need to be alert and be cautious of some leftover cigarettes or cigars. Throw them in a proper place and make sure that ashes are properly disposed of. 
  1. Candles – candles are used in a variety of ways: on a dinner date, during birthday celebrations, in a power outage, or in the bathroom. However you use it, it is important that you never let an open flame unattended. Although they just account for 3% of fire accidents, they are still very dangerous and can still cause death. 

In the cases of a power outage, do not leave the candle unattended, and make sure to extinguish it when you leave the room. Also, make sure that you put it in a place that is secured and not flammable like concrete or stone.  

  1. Electricity – anything that uses electricity poses a threat to anyone, and these can include your outlets and appliances. To prevent house fires caused by any electrical issues, have your house inspected by professional companies that offer this kind of services