House fires should be taken seriously as they cause injuries to thousands of people and billion-dollar damages. However, fire accidents are unavoidable. The only thing you can do is to prevent such accidents by making sure all your electrical appliances and wiring at home are safely done by professionals like the electrician Livonia or any trusted electrical company. 

There are a lot of times that you will see some red flags that you should fix as soon as you notice them. Most homeowners are either ignore these red flags or they just do not know how to interpret these red flags. So, to inform you, we list here the common red flags that you need to be aware of:  

  1. Outdated wirings – electrical wiring maintenance should be done in a continuous process, and you should never tire from doing regular maintenance. Maintenance or replacement should be done especially every after 40 years. An upgrade on your wiring is necessary to ensure that the wiring is sturdy and free from issues.  

When you also add some appliances or fixtures, you would think that using extension cords would be helpful. However, these might impose danger and cause fire accidents. instead of adding excessive extension cords, you may need additional rewiring and outlets at home.   

  1. outlets with issues – there are different possible issues of outlets, and there are also numerous signs that indicate that you have an issue with your outlet. This includes broken outlets, loose outlets, and unresponsive outlets. When you notice that your outlets have one or more of these signs, you need to provide an immediate response and call a professional technician. You also need to check if your appliances are doing OK to ensure that they are not the ones that are broken.  
  1. Over lamping – over lamping refers to excessive wattage usage. When this happens, equipment, say, for instance, a bulb, may use a lot of energy that would result in heat. Now, excessive heat would result in an explosion or fire, as this will melt the socket and the internal wire insulation. be careful.  

Always ensure but your appliance says or equipment has the same wattage in your area. do not use a bulb with a higher wattage limit than what is recommended just to have a brighter light at home. Again, this will result in an explosion or fire accident   

  1. Using too many appliances – we understand that appliances make your life convenient. However, using too many appliances in your home might result in heating too much energy. Appliances such as heaters, AC units, and others, may use too much energy more than what your house can supply. 


There are still a lot of possible red flags that you need to be aware of in talking about electrical issues. The four that we mentioned are the most common red flags you need to be cautious about. it is important to have your home inspected when you see the first sign of an electrical issue. always contact the professional company that you trust to diagnose and resolve the problem.